XX Workshop of Qualitative Research in Psychology “Advances in Qualitative Research in the Context of Lifelong Learning”
- 10 years/Jahre AWW

The University of Education Weingarten (PH Weingarten - PHW) and its Academy for Continuing Education (AWW) is organizing a three days workshop on the topic “Advances in Qualitative Research in the Context of Lifelong Learning”. The workshop will take place in Weingarten and is the XX Workshop of the international Center of Qualitative Research (CQP). The 10 years anniversary of the AWW will be celebrated on the first day.

Call for Papers for the XX Workshop of Qualitative Research in Psychology “Advances in Qualitative Research in the Context of Lifelong Learning”

26-28 September 2024, Weingarten, Germany

As the landscape of education evolves, lifelong learning has emerged as a pivotal paradigm to address the dynamic demands of the modern world. In the pursuit of understanding the intricacies and impact of lifelong learning, qualitative research methods have proven to be invaluable in providing nuanced insights into learners' experiences, motivations, and learning processes. This conference aims to explore the recent advancements in qualitative research methods that have revolutionized our understanding of lifelong learning.

The conference will bring together scholars, researchers, and practitioners from diverse fields, such as education, psychology, sociology, and anthropology, to share their latest findings, methodologies, and best practices. The overarching goal is to foster a collaborative environment that promotes cross-disciplinary dialogue, encourages methodological innovation, and ultimately enriches our comprehension of the multifaceted dimensions of lifelong learning.

Key areas of interest for this conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Innovative Approaches to Qualitative Data Collection: Participants will showcase novel methods for gathering qualitative data in lifelong learning contexts, ranging from traditional approaches like interviews, focus groups, and observations to innovative techniques such as digital ethnography, video diaries, and autoethnography.
  • Mixed Methods Approaches in Lifelong Learning Research: Researchers have increasingly recognized the value of integrating qualitative and quantitative methods. This segment will showcase studies that successfully combined qualitative and quantitative approaches to enrich our understanding of lifelong learning phenomena.
  • Application of Qualitative Research in Lifelong Learning Policy and Practice: Policymakers, educators, and practitioners can benefit significantly from qualitative research findings. This section will feature studies that have influenced the development of effective policies and practices in lifelong learning contexts.

Types of contribution:

- Poster presentation

- Paper presentation

- Workshop

We ask for abstracts until 15 February 2024, using our template (link oin the right).

The CfP as PDF: Call for Papers CQP XX Workshop Weingarten 2024

Preliminary Program:

Thursday 26.09.2024



Arrival day and opening

Start 5 p.m.:

- Opening lecture

- 10 years AWW

  • Buffet
    (from 6:30 p.m.)

Main day

Start 9 a.m.

Keynote 1



Closing of the day 5 p.m.

Followed by conference dinner (optional)

Final day

Start 9 a.m.

Keynote 2


Closing of the conference
1 p.m.

Followed by round trip Weingarten (optional)